Carillion Gold Care

Audio Visual Equipment On-Site Maintenance and technical support you can rely on.

Whether you are a relatively modest user of audio visual facilities or are a major corporate end user with substantial AV installations world wide, Carillion Gold Care will meet your needs.

Every Audio Visual Systems Integrator will tell you their maintenance offering is the best so why are we any different to any other supplier in the market? Because we genuinely care about providing a level of customer support that stands up over time. Our customers matter to us and we know that if we let them down, we will ultimately lose their business.

The majority of our long-standing clients have on-site maintenance and have valued the service for many years. However, assigning a new maintenance support company for your audio visual equipment is not an easy decision to take, so we have detailed some answers to Frequently Asked Questions to help give you an idea of our commitment and what you can expect from Carillion Gold Care.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Carillion Gold Care include an annual preventative visit?

Yes it does and if, in discussion with a customer, it is felt that a second visit is desirable for whatever reason, this can be factored in with no problem. A list of the principal actions taken on annual maintenance visits is available on request.

Assume telephone support is included?

Unlimited expert technical support is available from our engineering help desk during working hours 09.00 – 5.30 pm. We frequently find that the majority of ‘problems’ can be resolved by phone. Telephone support outside of these hours can be arranged.

What is the response time for call out?

Almost without exception, customers choose the 8-hour standard response, in part because audio visual facilities are less ‘mission critical’ than IT systems and a suitable work-around or moving the meeting to another room can usually be accommodated if a problem persists. However, we do provide a ‘drop everything’ 4 working hour call out where needed. There is no limit to the number of callouts during the course of a year with the exception of the instance where we have identified that a particular item of equipment is near end of life and we advise you of this in writing, when the number of subsequent callouts to repair that item will limited to two.

Does Carillion Gold Care include the cost of spare parts?

Yes it does, however, consumable items such as projector lamps, cathode ray tubes, video heads on VCR machines, plasma burn in, etc, are chargeable. We always recommend that you keep a spare projector lamp to avoid delays.

Will Carillion Gold Care cover installations that Carillion has not installed?

Yes it will. Where we take over the maintenance of an installation, we will come and carry out a free of charge site survey where all aspects of the facility will be inspected and reviewed, including state of cable runs, etc, in order to provide a quotation. We have often been asked to come in and sort out an installation which is not working well, and will re-engineer it and subsequently take over the maintenance.

Do we get a replacement if equipment has to be removed from site for repair?

We will provide a suitable equivalent loan unit to enable your AV facility to function until such time as your own equipment has been repaired and returned to site.

Does Carillion Gold Care cover all types of equipment?

Yes, we are able to offer maintenance cover on all audio visual equipment, irrespective of manufacturer, whether installed by us or not.

Is your cover available throughout the UK?

Yes it is and we also provide maintenance cover in Europe for some of our customers.

What if I just need cover for screens or a video conferencing unit and don’t need the full Gold service?

No problem at all. We have Carillion Display Care and Carillion VC Care to provide just what you need in the above circumstances.

Carillion VC Care

Carillion VC Care is purely for cover on video conferencing equipment and includes software updates and upgrades that can be accessed and loaded by customers direct, help-desk technical fault diagnostics and assistance, despatch of replacement unit by manufacturer and Carillion engineer to site to swap out unit.

Carillion Display Care

Carillion Display Care is extended warranty cover for screens and includes 24 hour on-site response Monday – Friday (excl. Bank holidays and other statutory holidays in UK), replacement loan screen (while your screen is repaired), all parts, labour and travel costs.

Carillion has 20 years’ experience rolling out video conferencing (VC) solutions

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