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“Our new room booking and reservation system allows users to book meeting rooms by simply sending an email or walking up to the touch panel outside meeting rooms.”
  Principality Building Society

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Meeting room booking systems case studies

Here you will find 'real world' examples of how organisations using Pronestor have improved resource planning and increased meetings productivity. Pronestor has also reduced demands on admin support, and thrilled staff and customers with it simplicity and elegant digital signage. 


Carillion Communications first puts effort into understanding customer needs and AV objectives, before recommending the best technology for their environment and users. BTS and Principality Building Society are just two of the organisations whose Pronestor users have commented on this so-simple-to-use resource booking solution.

Pronestor Catering - Save Time, Plan More Effectively

The Pronestor suite of tools helps companies to make the most of resources, meeting rooms, catering staff and staff and food supplies.

Pronestor Catering is a set of tools for corporate kitchens and canteens to manage workflow and bookings. Kitchen managers and staff can tell at a glance what is ordered, how many people need service and where to deliver the order. Pronestor Catering provides caterers with a clear overview to help them to plan ahead. Employees can book and manage their meeting arrangements simply.

Pronestor Display - Touchscreen Displays, plus Analytics

Pronestor Display is an elegant touchscreen display, which also provides the data for room use analytics.

With a touch display for a meeting room, meeting area or reception, everyone can see what’s going on in the company and in specific meeting rooms. See who owns the meeting, where, what time, and for how long. So, no more conflicts and no more misunderstandings. Pronestor Display is a customisable, flexible and easy to use and install solution.

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